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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'll give you the latest. >> a live look outside, a little hazy at the golden gate bridge but always a beautiful shot. it is tuesday, july 17th, this is "today in the bay." >> good tuesday morning. the time is 6:01. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. our top story from google to yahoo! chief. it's a runner-up in silicon valley. marissa mayer is tapped to become yahoo!'s fifth ceo in five years. we have team coverage. bob is live outside google. and scott mcgrew is live in sunnyvale with a look at what is next with mayer at the helm. >> good morning to you. one of the questions is can marissa mayer be a success here at yahoo!. yahoo! is not a failed company, it's just not a very interesting
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company lately, not compared to, say, apple or facebook or google or twitter. so already she's generated interest in what's going on at yahoo!. a lot of excitement and she hasn't even shown up here on first avenue in sunnyvale yet. keep in mind mayer has never run an entire company but helped make google what it is today and brings some geek credibility to a company that needs to attract first rate employees. that's the really exciting thing. not only is she going to work on products like she did at google, but she's going to attract employees. there are two things that a company has to do, it has to create something that people want, but also in silicon valley it has to attract a-list players and a lot of people believe that she can do that. yaho yahoo!'s gain is google's loss. bob is at google. what effect do you think it's going to have on google? >> reporter: good morning.
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one could make the argument that google is so big that even someone like marissa mayer leaving isn't going to have much impact. as you and i were talking off camera, you look at google as an oil tanker. take a lot to get that off course. all of this is yet to be seen. she did make her mark here as google's 20th employee, first female engineer, she is and has been very charismatic, considered one of the few public faces of the tech giant. any one who has used google online, pretty much the entire universe will recognize mayer is the one who helped design the home page, the gmail in box and google images. mayer resigned her post by phone yesterday afternoon, some people might have seen this coming, the fact she was going to be leaving. last year google reorganized her unit promoting another employee over her. the ceo larry page keeping her
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out of the senior leadership team. the new york times suggesting that might have been enough for her to consider a move. in e-mail to bloomberg, her former boss, eric schmidt wrote, quote, yahoo! made a good choice and i'm personally excite to see another woman become ceo of a technology company. unquote. mayer surprised people with a second announcement. she tweeted in the afternoon that she and her husband are expecting a baby boy come this october. reporting live in mountain view, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> she will be a busy woman with mayer accepting the position that now means a record number of 20 fortune 500 companies are run by women. 10 years ago that was seven. we'll have more on the new developments throughout the morning. >> a prominent lafayette couple is dead following a small plane crash in utah. local director of the bank of commerce peter branaugh and his
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wife were flying to aspen. the couple crashed in a canyon near the utah/colorado border. a private helicopter found the debris. the children released this statement. in part it reads they were a special presence with their compassion, joyfulness and generosity. the niece is nicole the olympic beach volley ballplayer from orinda who competed in the beijing games. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> a political power couple is splitting up. court papers filed cite irreconcilable differences. their troubled marriage made headlines in february after nadia admitted to having both an affair and a drug addiction. she later resigned from the alameda board of supervisors. >> some giant fans are not too happy so paying more to see their beloved giants.
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more parking meters coming to the streets around the ball yard and guess what, they will soon cost even more. christie smith is live near at&t park with the city's new money making strategy. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. you get your beer, peanuts, hot dogs, now think about paying more to park at least if you park on the streets game day around at&t park. the meters are going to be going up. what amounts to about 5 to $7 an hour. to park on the street. depending on how close you are to the park on game day for a special event. this according to the chronicle. the agency will also add hundreds of new meters in the missions bay development around the park. and by next spring the meter hours will get longer, running until 10:00 p.m., seven days a week. aparentsly they can make adjustments depending on what's going on around here. but the idea is to reduce
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gridlock around game day, get people out of their cars and on public transportation. in some cases there will be no time limit if the meter is fed. that could run bu $30 on the street or $40 to park 18 private lot. either way it's not cheap. this has drawn mixed reviews from neighbors who don't want the gridlock but would like a break on the pricey meters on the streets. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. not great news if you're going to the ball game. >> pretty good if you like a cooler forecast. i want to check win meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. we told you the fog was going to roll in. three-hour flight delays because of this thick cloud bank. we told you it was coming. we can still see alcatraz. look at that. beautiful start this morning as
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the ship sails in. visibility is pretty good at the surface. that's going to change. between 6:00 and 8:00, that's when we expect -- that's our window for the thickest fog. but after that time, the sun will break through a mix of sun and clouds, 59 unsan jose. 64 comfortable conditions today bay side and chilly at the coast, gray day there, but you'll hit about 64. much warmer on the seven day forecast. first here is mike. >> we have better news already. before i reported the accident, this is northbound 101. right around montague expressway, an accident just cleared so that is no longer an issue. no slowing but you do have slowing where i have circled passing alum rock avenue, 40s and 30s, the volume picking up.
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north of tully road. a live look shows you what things are like as far as the sensors for livermore. here the cash lanes are starting to show a slowdown. no metering lights yet but we're 5 or 10 minutes out from that. the volume, a nice easy drive. on the low clouds t fog that could affect your drive coming up. back to you. >> we'll check back with you. 6:09. you could call it a lose-lose situation for taxpayers or college students. today the csu board of trustees will have to make tough choices regarding higher tuition or higher taxes. marla tellez is here to explain. good morning. >> this all comes down to the voting booth if voters reject governor brown's tax probably the university system will be out of $250 million as soon as the end of this year. so the csu board has a big meeting in long beach to plan
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for the proverbial rainy day. it's debating the option to raise tuition by 5%, that's $150 per semester. but for out of state students tuition would rise 9%. employee pay and benefits would be cut 2.5%. the second plan is cut enro enrollment by 6,000 students. fewer students means fewer faculty and staff so about 7 employees would be let go. pay and benefits would drop by 5%. as you can tell the board is deciding between the lesser of two evils. this is if voter s don't vote t increase taxes. if it happens the cuts hit the system in the new year. this meeting gets under way at 9:00 this morning. >> thank you very much for that
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information. 6:10. coming up on "today in the bay." >> catch her. that's all i could say. let me catch the baby. >> an unbelievable scene. a man catching a girl falling from a third floor window. this amazing video coming up. >> plus t the president and first lady, boy, they were caught on that kiss cam. why it took a second take to get the crowd what they wanted.
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>> welcome back to you and a good tuesday morning. a live look outside, this time from the south bay. i love good bay area mornings with a cloud overhead. >> got your coffee. nice. >> beautiful.
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warm-up coming too. >> all snuggled in. >> no kidding. in brooklyn, new york, boy, they certainly have a hero. >> they do. this is one of those you got to see it to believe it. a 52-year-old bus driver was coming home from work when he saw a 7-year-old girl on an air conditionaler on a third story window. wow. that is mind blowing. steven st. bernard, he caught the girl. you can see the girl there, they wanted to try to get her to go back inside. she falls off. but he, there, that man was there to catch her and save her. >> i was holding her, rubbing her and she just more or less kept looking around. she didn't lose consciousness. >> truly a big time hero. st. bernard, you can see the sling, he tore a tendon in his
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shoulder. the girl, she is autistic, her mom happened to be in the apartment watching her other child. didn't see her daughter go out on the air conditioner. the girl, she fell three stories, only suffering minor injuries. >> right time, right place on that one. at least two are dead, 19 injured including an infant after a shooting at a matter in toronto. police say about 100 people were in the streets when gun fire erupted. they took a man they call a person of interest into custody. toronto's police chief says this is the worst shooting he has seen in 35 years on the force. >> police in tuscaloosa, alabama looking into the shootings of 17 people at a bar. police do not have a suspect this morning. >> the u.s. government confirming a navy ship fired on an indian fishing boat off dubai killing a man on board. the crew of the supply ship said
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they fear add terrorist attack and warned the fishing boat several times. the u.s. ambassador to india called the foreign secretary to express regrets over this death. >> the fbi is looking into discovery of sewing needles in sandwiches on separate delta airline flights. passengers found two in their turkey sandwiches on a flight from amsterdam to the united states. the crew was told to check other flights and two more needles were found. frightening there. >> switching gears, you hear the music. it's only 10 days until the opening ceremonies in london of the olympics. >> i'm so ready. >> about time. >> some members of team usa took the scenic route to the olympic village. >> right. the really, really scenic route. we have video of the athletes arriving at the airport yesterday, they later took a four-hour bus ride to the village on the other side of
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london. during that time the bus could have reached the olympics in greece. the wayward bus is raising questions about how easy it will be for athletes to try to get around the venues during the games. this is when you have an international event like this it jams up the city. i remember being in atlanta, it was rough. >> i bet. you'll get your best seat here. >> we've got it covered. 6:17. president barack obama and the first lady, they took in the u.s. men's basketball team's final tune-up before they head to london. >> they became the focus of the crowd when they ended up on the kiss cam. look at this. look at the daughter giving a nudge. the president delivered. it was the second time they were on the cam. the first time there was no kiss. only a little smile. >> gave her two kisses on the lips and the forehead. >> the first one got a few boos from the crowd but he got the
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second chance and the nudge from his daughter malia. >> not as romantic -- do it. there it is. >> most teens like oh, man. >> not as romantic as a night with yany. pretty good deal. >> you speak from experience. pure experience. >> i like a little kenny gee myself. another sound, the fog horn blowing in san francisco. we've got a full deck of clouds. you can see what i've been describing. easier to describe what is happening. the fog is settling to the surface. what's happening is we still have the pretty strong wind. we have flight delays out of sfo. you want to check ahead. even if you are flying later on today likely a ripple effect. elsewhere, good flying conditions. if you are headed to the east
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coast make sure you are ready for the heat. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below their seasonal average. an area of low-pressure just to our north. we're at 60 in sunnyvale, 57 in san francisco and 60 comfortable degrees in san jose. so works out like this. low pressure is going to swing to the south. this will keep the onshore flow in place. for us limited sunshine for the first part of the day and the system slowed down, that's going to keep us in the comfortable range for one more day inland. we warm up rapidly thursday, friday, saturday, getting hot. 50s and 60s by the water. in san francisco, you'll only hit the upper 50s today. the low 70s on the east shore fremont, 77 in livermore. wednesday into thursday the warm-up starts. tomorrow another nice day, 83 by
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thursday. then it's hot friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures climbing above seasonal averages. we hold on to the 90s next week. two more days. 6:19. here's mike. >> looking at livermore where it's late for the 70s, down in the 40s, i these 70s are not allowed. we're looking at a slower drive for 580 westbound and building as the valley but no incidents. smooth through dublin and the dublin interchange. 680 moves through walnut creek as well. heading over to love ridge, then a smooth drive into our pittsburgh bay point. in your commute directions. caldecott tunnel no delays, about 55 which we expect heading toward the two bores. 19 minutes off the carquinez
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bridge to the metering lights which are now on. looking at san rafael, southbound 101 coming toward us, a pretty easy drive, still the northbound 101. no injuries and 101 through petaluma. >> facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg is the so-called 1%. he refinanced his home at 1%. >> i'd like to hear that meeting with his mortgage broker. we need a couple months of your finances and references. >> we have a shot of his house. he refined the mortgage with a 30-year adjustable rate starting at 1 percent. that rate is available to ultra high earners. >> the banks doing these low rates, there almost no risk.
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the people usually have the ability to pay all cash. it frees up the equity for more effective, more hue krative investments. >> i guess because he's only worth about 10 billion. needed pocket change. interest rate hikes are not expected soon. the fed expected to keep interest low until at least 2014. facebook is not the favorite on the social media scene. google plus criming to the top with consumer satisfaction. hundreds of millions of users, some people don't like it. facebook, complaints include too many ads, privacy concerns and unexpected changes. google plus does not use traditional advertising. other sights, they were high on the scale as google plus but did
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get more likes. >> coming up, the fda could approve a second weight loss drug today. >> a live look outside right now, that is the bay bridge as you can see. some of those low clouds starting to roll in. the hours between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. thick.
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>> 6:25. the fda could decide by today on another prescription weight loss drug. brian mooar is live in washington to tell us more. good morning, brian. >> reporter: the drug, the fda had a chance to approve it a couple of years ago and took a pass. a panel looked at the results of several clinical trials and has found that the risks are outweighed by the benefits. this is a drug that according to the manufacturer can result in a 10% or better weight loss, so somebody does have a weight of around 200 pounds losing 20 pound could be a life saver. in addition there is a benefit for cardiovascular risk and diabetes. one of the down sides, there is a risk of birth defects so this will not be available for pregnant women. also a problem with increased heart rate but they found that also this drug brings down blood
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pressure so all in all, the fda panel that makes the recommendations to the full food and drug administration decided to give the thumbs up. the actual approval could come as early as today. >> interesting to see. thank you very much, brian. >> i'm always old school. diet, have a work out. exercise. >> it's cool this morning to go for a run. >> this is the kind of exercise day you want to take advantage of. two more days of temperatures in the 70s, then the 90s return. that makes it all that much easier to but off that run. up to 77 at 4:00 inland. that means 69 degrees bay side and the heat of the day and 64 at the coast, but not all that warm. if you're waking up near the water but there is a warm-up on the way. first here is mike and your drive. >> the south bay drivers, that burst has smoothed out for 101. here for 101 and here for 87 in the 50s. the commute is on and building for the south bay. an easy drive up the peninsula
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for 101 and 280. no slowing all the way up to the city and the metering lights are on at the toll plaza. back to you. >> 6:27. still to come on "today in the bay," one city seeing a rash of break-ins. we'll tell you how to keep your home safe. >> also, a possible cover-up at pg&e exposed. we'll tell you how a memo from two years ago could be connected to the san bruno explosion. >> and marissa may ter new ceo at yahoo!. how it's shaking up the silicon valley.
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>> silicon valley runner-up. what's ahead for yahoo! and marissa mayer coming up in live team coverage. >> plus, the pg&e memo is uncovered that could prove the company put off gas pipe line repairs. >> and while much of the nation
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has excessive heat, we're going to get spoiled with the 70s inland, 60s bayside and 50s at the coast. much warmer weather days away. i'll detail that in my full forecast. >> while the roads are light on incident not on the cars, the slowing or the fog. what the latest holds for your tuesday commute. >> we show you a live look over the south bay, that is san jose with the sun rising on this tuesday, july 17th, "today in the bay." >> it's 6:31. very happy you joined us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> from google keek to yahoo! chief a shakeup in silicon valley as 37-year-old marissa mayer becomes yahoo!'s fifth ceo in five years. >> bob is live outside google to tell bus mayor's impact there
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and scott mcgrew with a look at what's next for yahoo! with mayer at the helm. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. you mentioned five ceos. but over the history of this company there have been a long string of leaders from jerry yang to terry semel, carol bartz naming a few, tim morris and scott thompson. marissa mayer becomes the latest ceo. and everyone really hopes that this one will stick. she has brought excitement to the company and she hasn't even shown up for work yet. mayer comes to yahoo! from google where she was employee number 20, the first woman engineer hired at google and has been the face of that company as well. mayer is more than a face. she is a talented engineer, talented leader who is hoped will re-energize yahoo!. mayer comes after the dismissal of scott thompson who as you well remember, said he had a
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computer science degree, he did not and he left as ceo. mayer definitely has the computer science degree from stanford. she's not the first woman ceo of yahoo! not even with a computer science degree at yahoo!. carol bartz seen in this picture with marissa mayer and the president when he came recently was the previous ceo of yahoo! who is also a woman and engineer. again, good excitement here that people think that this is going to stick and is something that's going to help yahoo! turn the corner. what about google? let's bring in bob redell. i was surprised, i did not see this coming, what about the folks at cougle. what's the surprise level? >> i'm sure the surprise is that she is going to be yahoo!'s ceo. she resigned google by phone yesterday and starts today as the new ceo of yahoo!. i think many here probably saw
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this coming not that she was going to yahoo! but would be leaving. last year google reorganized her unit with larry page leaving her out of the senior leadership team. the times suggesting that might have been enough for her to consider a move. here is page's reaction in an e-mail he wrote quote marissa has been a tireless champion of our users. we'll miss ortalents at google. her talents have left a mark. the white clean search page we're so familiar with, that is a design she oversaw. as you mentioned she was google's 20th employee, first female engineer, the very charismatic mayer was one of the mu public faces of this tech giant often speaking at events and giving interviews to the press. she made news yesterday for a second time in the afternoon when she tweeted out that she and her husband are pregnant
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with a baby boy due in october. reporting live in mountain view, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> lots to celebrate. we'll learn more about marissa mayer and what her departure means. check out our website nbc bay area. >> several east bay families waiting to see if they can get back in their apartments. 20 people were displaced after a two-alarm fire damaged a complex. it happened about 10:00 last night. no one was hurt. the red cross is assisting. >> an interesting story here. two years before the san bruno pipe line explosion the chronicle reporting that pg&e used a memo suggesting that managers consider downgrading leaks instead of fixing them. it report lid detailed how the company could save nearly $5 million by downgrading the leaks to a level where they only had
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to be monitored. at the time pg&e had a bonus system in place that rewarded supervisors whose crews found fewer weeks and lower repair costs. that program was later suspended. >> there is a surge in dla burglaries in one community. there have been five break hins. the majority are east of middlefield road during the daylight. burglars tend to slip through windows or open garage doors. police remind people to lock it or lose it. >> people out of school, some may have less supervision, they are out and about committing crime. people are leaving things open. unfortunately they are targeted for it. >> police made several arrests. >> one of the cool things about living in this bay area, all of the micro climates. you learn something new. this is the fog prime time.
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>> this is when we get it. typically this time of the season we don't get this much fog so this is very unusual. but in july if we're going to get the dense fog it's between 6:00 and 8:00. you can see the fog creeping over alcatraz. beautiful start this morning. let's talk about what's happening at the golden gate bridge which was completely clear an hour and a half ago. you can't even see the second tower and the fog is settling to the surface. give yourself extra time if you are waking up with us near the coast we'll get your traffic record from mike. 57 in san francisco, 60 in sunnyvale and starting out at 59 in san jose headed to the 70s by noon. 4:00, 77, so extremely comfortable conditions for this time of year. i'll have your full forecast coming up. stay tuned. 6:37. here is mick. >> the good news is not a lot of
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incidents. one in the north bay we're tacking. in antioch we have heavier drive for highway 4 and look, into concord out of pittsburg, as well as toward the bottom of the screen. in the 40 there is for 680 as well. heavier volume likely through lafayette and the caldecott. livermore, pleasanton, dublin, showing speed in the 40s with this 22 here. end with a live look at the toll plaza. there is your backup. not very much. back to you. >> 6:38. a mass shooting at a neighborhood black party. what led up to the violence. >> the link between obesity and the effectiveness of some breast cancer treatments.
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>> evidence that a woman's weight may play a role in treating breast cancer. >> british researchers say higher levels of estrogen are in overweight women. the majority of breast cancers need estrogen to grow. they recommend using hormone reducing drugs. we have good news for those of you lucky enough to live along the coast. a new study says it's also good for your health.
6:41 am
researcher sas they found sea side living cuts stress, creates more opportunities to be active. >> taking it in now. >> i am. >> a mental vacation. 6:42. coming up the budget battle for the csu system. >> panic at a picnic. shots fly into a crowd at a family event. nice for your car.ething chevron with techron. care for your car.
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>> it's 6:44. a scary scene to tell you about. a party in toronto started with a barbecue, ended up with gchb fire. >> two are dead and 19 others are injured including a baby after gun shots sprayed the
6:44 am
crowd of 200 people. police say there was more than one person responsible for the shooting. they do have one person in custody who was among the injured. describing him as a person of interest. >> this is a wild scene as well. the u.s. government confirms a navy ship firing on an indian fishing boat off dubai, killing a man on board. this happened monday. the crew of the naval supply ship says they feared a terrorist attack was taking place and they warned the approaching fishing boat several times to turn around and move away. the u.s. ambassador to india calling india's foreign secretary, did that this morning to express regret over the death. >> 6:45. two american tourists kidnapped in egypt are free. both from boston were released unharmed after negotiations with the tribal leaders. they were kidnapped on friday. the captors demanded the release
6:45 am
of an imprisoned relative. >> the "today" show is coming up at 7:00 after "today in the bay." here's matt lauer with a look at what they are working on. >> good morning. coming up on tuesday here on "today," needles found in sandwiches served to passengers on four delta flights from amsterdam to the united states. one person was injured. the fbi opened an investigation. also ahead a terrifying moment as a 7-year-old girl falls from a third floor window luckily into the arms of a hero who rushed to catch her. we'll hear from the man. an interview with sir elton john. he opens up about his reckless behavior and why he owes a lot to friends like the late elizabeth taylor and princess diana. and do you know who they are, a tourist photographs a couple getting engaged at a memorial in washington, d.c. now she'd like your help
6:46 am
tracking them down. she'll share her story when we get started on a tuesday morning right here on "today." jon and laura, back to you. >> what if they don't want to be found. 6:46. mother nature put on a show in tucson, arizona. >> last night this storm lit up the night sky and actually it caused some problems. that lightning knocking out power for thousands of people. beautiful to watch but extremely dangerous. >> pretty loud as well. pretty mild in our neck of the woods. pretty cool too. >> we're going to get another unseasonably cool day, good news if you've been enjoying what we had yesterday. more of the same. the only difference is we don't have as much wind and as a result the trade-off is more low clouds rolling in from time to time. here is a live look at san francisco. you can see the low clouds here, san jose now, and show you we still have mostly cloudy
6:47 am
conditions but we're starting to see some peeks of sunshine. looks like this will be the case for the mid morning hours, little breaks of sunshine, mostly cloudy. good morning to you. let's talk about the numbers. winds are rather strong in fairfield. out of the west at 14, the winds have relaxed. that fog is settling in so it works like this for today. east-southeast wind will strengthen in sunnyvale. another round of gusty winds, not as strong as yesterday. but they will be strong into the evening like we saw yesterday. 59 degrees in san jose, 58 in livermore. as you can see we have an area of low pressure sitting to our north. it's going to slide to the south as we head throughout this afternoon. for us, that means limited sunshine for the first part of the day but nice, beautiful cool air coming off the pacific. as we head through wednesday, staying comfortable around here. we'll see some of the cool air start to mix out by thursday but only ending up in the low 80s. so 70s today, tomorrow, and low
6:48 am
80s return by thursday. then the 90s quickly move in friday into the weekend. 6:48. here is mike. >> with the volume of traffic we were seeing for 580 it was pretty much a matter of time before something happened. here is an accident involving a big rig and two cars. it's blocking the slow lane. an ambulance has been called. if there are injuries this could add to the time it takes to clear so allow at least five minutes but get out of the house as soon as you can if you head out of livermore and westbound through this area. in the backup i also heard of a possible stalled big rig around grant line road. that might be an issue. that's also in the slow lane. that could relieve some of the pressure through pleasanton west to the dublin interchange. a note for you there. the south bay, the earlier areas, 101 and 87 show the speed in the 30s so how quickly that dropped so. half your speed means twice your travel time. the lower bay shore moves.
6:49 am
no delays for the peninsula, 101 or 280 to san francisco. we'll get a live look at san mateo bridge, highway 92, you can make out the high rise with the low clouds. a smooth drive in both directions and we'll end with the golden gate bridge, the clouds may play more of a factor. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:50. more economic tug of war on capitol hill. congress will hear from ben bernanke. >> it's a fact retail sales are down for a third month t jobless rate still stuck above 8%, of course republican mitt romney and his supporters jumping on the opportunity, blaming the president, the president blames congress. >> the problem is we've got a stalemate in washington. >> terrible jobs report last week. we've had continued bad news on manufacturing, we're now looking at the weakest recovery since the great depression. >> a fund-raiser in mississippi
6:50 am
romney blasting the president for helping big money donors while ignoring the middle class. >> higher education in california could cost hundreds of thousands of students even more. the csu board is facing a decision between the lesser of two evils hinging on the governor's tax plan. good morning. >> good morning. the csu board has a big meeting today in southern california. here's what the board is facing, a louse of $250 million for 23 campuses. comes down to the proposal to raise income and sales taxes in order to help get this state back in the black. if voters reject this in november, the csu system will lose all those millions so the board is preparing for the worst by debating two possible scenarios. the first is here, raising tuition 5% for in-state students, 9% for out of state, employees would feel it, too w a
6:51 am
2.5% pay cut in benefits and pay. the second plan calls for cutting enroll rolement 1.5%, that equals about 6,000 students, 750 employees would be let go. pay and benefits would drop by 5%. this is interesting, three campus presidents are street receive a 9% to 10% pay increase, ironically the board is to vote on those today at the same meeting. to be fair, any salary increases will come from private fundraising, not your tax dollars. this meeting gets under way at 9:00 this morning. >> thank you very much. this has been a long painful journey but family and friends not giving up hope in finding sierra lamar. they are holding another volunteer search tomorrow. it has been four months since the teen disappeared after leaving her school on march 16.
6:52 am
a suspect was charged with lamar's kidnapping and murder even though her body has not been found. >> divorce papers have been filed by state treasurer bill lockyer, splitting from his wife of nine years, nadia. papers cite irreconcilable differences. the marriage made headlines after nadia admitted to having both an affair and a drug addiction. she later resigned from the alameda county board of supervisors. >> a warning this morning about online encounters after a south bay robbery. we first told you police responded in sunnyvale. police say a woman met a man on line, then showed up at his house with two men to rob him. police arrested the two men after a three-hour manhunt. the woman is still on the loose. >> silicon valley still buzzing over yahoo!'s ceo marissa mayer. a look at what google is losing
6:53 am
in mayer but first we go to scott to tell us what mayer gains in this. >> good morning. not only does mayer gain, she gets to command her own company for the first time but yahoo! gains as well, a dynamic interesting leader who is also a very good engineer. we checked the stock price on yahoo! a few minutes ago, up 6 cents, it was up about 2% after hours after the news that marissa mayer would be new ceo. keep in mind that's not the only news yahoo! is going to make. it will also be reporting profits after the closing bell today so. investors are keeping that in mind. mayer has said she's not going to participate in the conference call. let's bring in bob redell. i was surprised by the news that marissa mayer would take over. what about googlers? were they surprised?
6:54 am
>> it's hard to say. you can make the argument that insiders probably had a sense she was going to leave. as far as the impact, one could make the argument that google is so big that even losing someone like marissa mayer isn't going to have as huge impact as you would think. you can look at it as an enormous ship. a lot to push it off. first female engineer, she is and was very charismatic, one of the few public faces of this tech giant. any one who has used google will recognize some of her trademarks, she is the one who helped design the blank white google home page. the gmail in box, google news and google images. mayer resigned by phone yesterday afternoon, some people might have seen this coming because last year google
6:55 am
promoted another employee over her. new york times suggesting that might have been enough for her to consider a move. in an e-mail to bloomberg eric schmidt wrote yahoo! made a good choice. and marissa mayer made a second announcement tweeting out in the afternoon she and her husband are expecting a baby boy come this october. reporting live in mountain view, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> that's also nice news. my quote of the day scott saying she has greek cred. to learn more about marissa mayer, check out our website, search marissa mayer. >> heading to the ballpark soon, giant fans won happy. more parking meters and they are going to cost you more. more on the decision that is
6:56 am
sure to strike out with fans. the signs are hard to read. >> reporter: good morning. it's a good thing that you can pay for these meters by credit card or phone because you would need a bucket of coins. the meters are going up to what amounts to $5 to $7 an hour depending on how close you are to at&t park. san francisco's municipal transportation agency is moving forward saying the idea is reduce congestion here when something big is going on, get people out of their cars onto public transportation. by next spring, hundreds of parking meters are going in that run to 10:00 p.m., seven days a week. price adjustments can be made depending on the event. neighbors like the idea of less gridlock but a mixed review. they would like a break on the price of these meters.
6:57 am
christie smith, "today in the bay." >> former cal bear and nfl running back marshawn lynch is in trouble with the law this morning. he was arrested yesterday after a dui he was caught on interstate 880, after a traffic stop. he was -- he is an observe land native, seattle seahawk. he was taken to jail where he was cited and released. this is not his first run-in. his license was revoked after he was involved in a hit and run. he was suspended for three games in 2009 after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor weapons charge. >> brooklyn, new york, certainly has a new hero. >> indeed. this was a wild scene. a 52-year-old bus driver coming home from work, he saw a girl dancing on an air conditioner outside of a third story window.
6:58 am
>> he was there -- look, she falls. he was there, caught her before she hit the ground. he was trying to get her to go back inside but she fell. he was able to catch her. saint per national guard actually tore a tendon in his shoulder. the the girl's okay, she is autistic. her mother was in the apartment watching her other child. didn't see the girl on the air conditioning unit. thank goodness our man was there. the girl suffering minor injuries. >> he suffered a bigger injury. >> you want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> not quite as impressive. we have good looking weather today. especially inland at 77 degrees, 69 bay side and 59 degrees at the coast. i'll have your seven-day outlook throughout the "today" show. here is mike. >> two incidents, the big rig accident and the stall causing
6:59 am
more slowing through livermore. easier through pleasanton and the south bay, back to you. >> thank you so much for joining us. good morning, dangerous discovery. sewing needles found in sandwiches on four separate flights to the u.s., at least one passenger injured. now the airline and fbi are launching investigations. scorched. another day of extreme heat from iowa to new hampshire making the worst drought in more than 50 years even worse. where is the rain? lifesaver. a seven-year-old girl accidentally plunges from a third floor window. lucky for her there was a hero


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